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Automated Windshield Repair Technology

The Maxim is the latest advancement in machine-based windshield repair technology. 


This innovative system easily outperforms all other hand-operated or manual systems to repair all types of complex breaks.

Windshield repairs are available on rock chips and Repairable Auto Windshield Damagepits up to the diameter of a quarter, and long cracks up to 6 inches, the length.



We are windshield repair specialists, that's all we do. We can fix damage no other companies will touch, plus it's guaranteed for life.

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We Exclusively Use These Products To Improve Reliability

Xtra Bond Adhesion Products

Xtra Bond, adhesion promoter for windshield repair which will allow windshield repair adhesives to have a greater mechanical and chemical bond to the windshield glass by etching and priming the surface of the break.

X-Phobic, hydrophobic coating remover is for the removal of Rain-X in order to allow windshield repair adhesives to bond to the windshield glass. Without removal of Rain-X the windshield repair resin will be blocked from the glass and the stone break or crack cannot be repaired. Many repair technicians are losing hundreds of dollars per month due to the presence of Rain-X on the windshield. Rain-X is growing in popularity too as it is now in windshield washer fluids and carwashes. We also use this product to remove carwash wax and detergents, moisture and other contaminants by injecting it directly into the rock chip or crack. These are included in our pricing to you.

What Happens When A Rock Hits Your Windshield

Windshield Rock Chip

Rocks and debris hit the outside layer of the three-layer laminated windshield.

Successful chip repairs will still leave a slight scarring on the glass where the impact point is, but will save the windshield's structure and keep the break from spreading.

Some chips will never continue to spread but repairing the chip as soon as possible will help to restore the cosmetic appearance to your windshield and the value of your vehicle.

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Our Windshield Repair Guarantee:
All windshield repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle with the windshield we repaired. If the repaired area does not hold and cracks further or if the repaired area does not pass state vehicle inspection requirements, we will refund the entire repair cost back to you.

We want your windshield repair business and we are eating the competition alive with our Advanced Windshield Repair Technology that will out perform any other system in New Mexico, guaranteed.


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We Safely Repair Cracks Up To 6" Long


Windshield Crack Repairs



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What Is PRISM Technology? PRISM Technology

PRISM Technology, by Glass Technology Inc. is the newest most effective auto glass repair system in the industry.

"Pre resin injection suspension method" has become the leading method for successful windshield repairs by holding the clear liquid repair resin in a specially designed side chamber. This allows the air to be machine extracted out of the damaged area before introducing the liquid resin.

Unlike other conventional methods, no liquid resin is sitting on the glass surface and causing a barrier to the efficient and complete extraction of air during the initial vacuum cycle.

Once the air is completely removed resin is released from the chamber to fill all the extremities of the damage, then the injector is pressurized to squeeze the liquid inside the break resulting in enhanced clarity.

More About PRIZM Technology

ABC Windshield Repair’s Pledge:

Our repair system will significantly reduce the visibility of the damaged area on your windshield and the repair will prevent further increase to the current damaged area, saving you the time and expense associated with replacing your windshield.


Glass Technology Maxim Glass Repair System


High-Tech Windshield Repairs

Strict NWRA standards are followed when evaluating the damage.


· First, damage inspection is done to make sure the windshield can be repaired successfully. If the windshield has been breached through to the inside layer, repair is not possible.


· The area around the damage is cleaned and the break is injected with a chemical decontaminant called XPhobic™ that removes any windshield treatments, like Rain-X, that hinder the glass repair resin from adhering inside the break. Any oils, polymers, dirt and moisture are removed with this process to assure the quality repair. This step sets us apart from our competitors.


· The injector is placed over the break and sealed tight to the glass. A dry vacuum is then produced by our GT Maxim™  machine to remove air trapped inside the break. Air appears as a dark area and hinders the injection of resin.


· The GT Maxim™ machine then injects the Diamond Clear™ repair resin inside the break with precise  pressure to fill all the voids and tiny cracks. Pressure is held until the resin is massaged throughout the break area.


· While the injection machine holds the resin under pressure, the resin curing process begins by introducing ultraviolet light around the injector nozzle. This process of curing under pressure prevents the resin from backing out of tight spots in the damaged area.


· When the area is finished curing, another Diamond Clear™ resin is placed over the entry point of the repaired area to fill the pit and is cured using a thin flat Mylar sheet and ultraviolet light. This process insures a great cosmetic finish to the surface of the repair that matches the windshield.


· The excess cured pit resin on top of the repaired windshield is scrapped away and buffed with glass shine compound that removes the matte finish to a high gloss diamond clear finished repair.


· When the entire repair is finished, your vehicle is ready to drive away. 

We will recommend replacing the windshield if the damage compromises the vehicle's structural integrity or driver distraction caused by the location of the damage.

« Long Crack Repairs
Single line cracks are repairable up to 6" long. That is the length of one dollar bill. These crack usually start when a small rock chip goes unnoticed or is neglected.

We repair cracks by expanding the crack with special equipment placed on the inside of the windshield. A special resin fills the crack and is cured with ultraviolet light bonding the broken glass together securely.


The damage must:

1) Not be in the drivers line-of-sight, called the critical view area.

2) Must be caused by an initial impact that has now spread, and not from an accident or bad aftermarket installation of the windshield.

3) Less than a month old so there will be minimal contamination.

Repairs will be somewhat visible after completion, similar to a "scar" after surgery. Our crack repairs may save you the cost of windshield replacement if you repair it today. $60.00 per single line